Damn My High Heels, What a Throwback!

Ear phones plugged, as I walked fast on the pavement to home,

In a fraction of seconds, my lovely heels took my breath away.

As I fell on my knees, my world tumbling in front of everyone,

Like a spring I stood up, dusted my pants and walked chin up.

Was not ashamed but way back in school,

Was embarrassed as I fell on the ground carrying a heavy school bag.

In front of my classmates, that too boys!

Din’t even look around to see who was hanging around.

That night, I feared those monkeys might laugh wild,

And humiliate me the next day.

But I acted cool as if somebody else fell down,

Bravo for my courage and acting skills.

What a wonderful throwback,

That put a smile on my face.

Daily Prompts: Retrospective

On That Hot Day

People were hurrying on their way,

As the sun was scorching hot.

Went to buy some vegetables for the week,

In a small shop amidst a busy place.

My mind was preoccupied with the sun, sweat and the crowd,

But distracted by a non-stop cry fading away now and then.

My eyes and ears were alert to find the way,

Was like ages, till I went for it.

My heart felt heavy seeing the tiny one,

That had fallen into a ditch while others never cared.

Would have rescued and gone my way,

For a second, could do nothing but stare at the kittten.

As I placed her on the road,

Limped she with her broken leg.

In circles, rubbing herself against my legs,

Was so skinny and crying for milk.

Had to decide then and there,

As I already had a dog waiting at home.

Thought nothing but got an extra bag,

And rode her with me home, sweet home!

Still I fondly remember her,

Because she made me stand apart.

Daily Prompt: Broken

Silence Is Suspicious!

Never ever underestimated my son,

Leaves no clue of his mischiefs.

Cute and beautiful are his games,

But at times gives me panic attacks.

Through the window I saw some lingeries,

Hanging like colorful flags for display.

Are they yours dear?

Asked my husband in despair.

Why does the laundry smell so different?

Soon found them soaked in vegetable oil.

Most of the toys lay idle in the basket,

Because they don’t serve good for his research.

Busy in the kitchen with watchful eyes,

Just a minute of silence petrified me.

Something is wrong, warned my mind,

Yet continued with my chores.

Into his room I peeped suddenly,

Quick he ran out of the room.

My heart skipped a beat,

For the wall was scribbled with my eyeliner.

Stood there silently staring at the wall,

My eyes brimming with tears.

Daily Prompt: Suddenly

Pneumonia Immediately After Chemotherapy

Pneumonia immediately after chemotherapy, is too severe for a cancer patient. With the highly compromised immune system, the bacteria or virus takes control and infects the patient with severe symptoms of the disease. Till the blood tests confirm the type of bacteria or virus, the patient is treated with pain killers and heavy antibiotics.

Pneumonia  Chest X-Ray
Pnuemonia, Chest infection
X-Ray shows slow recovery after treating with antibiotics

Severity of Fever and Cough

The patient will run high temperature as 103 °F with unbearable body pain. The cough will be too severe that you can find traces of blood in the sputum. Unless treated immediately, it will be fatal. The mental condition becomes worse as the patient starts hallucinating and moaning in pain. Even the strongest will start crying over the unbearable pain and discomfort.


Most of the nurses enquire whether the patient has urinated if the fever does not subside. Once the patient flushes out the bacteria through urine, the fever breaks. That is the most miserable moment for the patient who lays helpless on the bed having mixed emotions about the disease and death.

Slow and Steady

The doctor will immediately stop the chemotherapy and put the patient on antibiotics and immunotherapy. The team will monitor the patient for any adverse effects through repeated blood tests and chest x-ray. It may take atleast ten days to recover and be ready for the next chemo dose.

Food and Cleanliness

You must be very careful with the food you cook for the patient. Any food that is boiled or steamed for atleast twenty minutes is advisable to avoid infection. Even fruits should be soaked and washed in hot water.

Love and Care

Not only the immune system is weak but also the self is broken and miserable. You must ensure that the patient is treated with love and utmost care since they feel insecured and behave like a child.

Fondly Remembering My Granny

Couldn’t make it to her funeral,

That kept pricking my conscience for long.

Was a woman of substance with grit,

She will always be my role model.

I often see her in me,

For it might be in the DNA.

Proud to have known such a woman,

Who raised five children all alone.

When grandpa was away in the field,

Very well she managed the house and children.

A teacher was she with great morals,

Taught me how to live with self esteem.

I used to look up on her will to stand strong,

For she was the rare among the rarest.

Lost her a decade ago, still remember her last words,

That her pain was too much and may not withstand so long.

I don’t remember anyone so close to her heart,

With her had a great time of wisdom.

Wise and capable was she,

Who passed on her morals to me.

I recollect how we jelled at times,

Will remain in my memory forever.

Daily Prompt: Ceremony

She Came Out Clean and Famous!

Dedicated is she towards her work;
May look bossy for the lazy and lousy.
Against her, formed a team waving red flags,
But she had no clue of the non- cooperative movement.
Came as a surprise that none wanted her win,
Called her loudly mean and rude.
Too strong was the web against her,
So fast it spread like a wild fire.
Stood she strong against the plot,
With truth and hope in her clean heart.
Not that she wanted to prove herself,
But wanted to break the mad plot.
Sharp and false was the accusation,
A clever weapon to bring her down.
Time was perfect to ditch her out of the game,
Else they might end up answering lots of questions.
They tried passive-aggressiveness to taunt her,
But she never budged for the threats.
The heads were puzzled at the accusation,
And dug deep to find about her.
Not only she came out clean,
But became famous and strong.
Its a pity that they lost the battle,
For she is a competent and sincere worker.
This world is filled with groupism,
And one should learn to prove oneself right.

Daily Prompt : famous

Talking Couch

Woke up hearing the ruffling noise,
Sat the guy with a newspaper and coffee.

Stays glued to me all day long,
Doesn’t even miss the obituary column.

Must be a retired one,
Finds his days boring like hell.

Now and then he looks through the window,
Idly watching her water, the plants.

Has a mocking smile on his face,
For her ability to kill the plants.

Tied to her tasks all day long,
Has no time to sit and relax next to him.

Is so fond and proud of her garden,
Loves the plants and trees of no use.

Once in day, sits and takes a cozy nap,
Wakes up when she drops the television remote.

Both talk about the government stuff,
That always sounds Greek and Latin to me.

When their son and daughter come home,
Hear the rooms fill with laughter.