Cancer in Disguise of Anemia

Abnormal Plasma Cell

Plasma cell neoplasm that sounds Greek and Latin to a common man is a disease that makes too many plasma cells in blood. This is confused with Anemia which is not so alarming as the former. The warning symptoms include:

  • Very pale skin due to insufficient Hemoglobin (≤88 g/dL)
  • Weakness that leads to suffocation or shortness of breath
  • Shoulder, chest pain and heart attack

The normal plasma cells make antibodies to fight disease but the abnormal plasma cells produce an antibody protein, called M protein which does not fight disease. This in turn builds up in the bone marrow, causing the blood to thicken which may affect the kidney and other organs. These abnormal plasma cells may be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer). Mostly, the elderly people suffer from plasma cell neoplasms. Medical tests that examine the blood, bone marrow, and urine detect the underlying conditions.


The Staphylococcus Infection is one of the indications of Compromised Immune Systems. Once these results confirm the disease, medication alone does not help but intensive care keeps your beloved positive and happy.