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An Idiot Interviewed Me

One of the interview questions some years back was “How would you break a glass ball from the 50th floor?”.

It was a question to test my patience and I gave my best answer, “why would I climb 50 floors to break a ball made of glass”. The interviewer was determined to trigger my anger asking too many cross questions. So I ended up walking out of the room !

Most of the corporate companies do not have a set of interview questions or planned interviews and not all the interviewers are smart.

Try to Stay Calm- If you succeed in answering the stupid questions, there are chances to clear that round.

Connect the Dots- Read the Job description well and try to connect your skills with their requirement.

Be True- An interviewer can smell your fear and lies. Its better not to mess with the facts.

Be Presentable- No one would like to hire a shabby person. Put on your coolest outfit.

I have seen so many candidates who have no skill relevant to the requirement, yet try to fit in assuming that they can adopt to the job requirement or situation. This will of course end up in an embarrassing situation. If it is not your cup of Tea, better move!