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Push till 37 Weeks- a Roller Coaster Ride!

Being a Type II diabetic patient and a mother of a 3 year old kid, I know how tough it is to wait till 37 weeks to avoid premature delivery.

The first three months were filled with troubled pleasure as I conceived my baby when my HbA1c was 7. On the examination table, I closely watched my gynecologist’s reaction. All she said was my tummy was thick and she couldn’t hear the heartbeat. I then headed to empty my bladder to prepare myself for transvaginal scan.

After confirming the heartbeat, followed by the blood test, the gynecologist started explaining the consequences of conception during poor diabetic control. That one hour was the worst hour in my life. Overwhelmed with fear, I started sweating heavily.

After an hour of counseling, I decided to go ahead with diabetic diet and medication. I was on Insulin and metformin to control blood sugar. It would have been impossible without the great support system I had at home; where my mom cooked me the most nutritious food and my husband used to drop and pick me from office. Those were my honeymoon days.

My mind kept repeating, ” If everything is good in the first trimester scan, I shall live in peace for the rest of my life, else guilt will kill me”.

On the day of first trimester scan, I felt numb with fear. From day one, I had been dreading that moment and researching a lot to find out diabetes and development abnormalities. I mentally calmed myself when the Doctor ensured me that the fetus was doing well, yet the devil in me din’t leave me in peace.


The second trimester scan day was filled with expectation to see my little baby. The moment I saw the fetus, my instinct predicted, a boy and the video felt so precious to me that I never got tired of watching it.

Two days to 37 weeks, I din’t feel my baby’s movement in my womb. It might have been gas but my stupid mind panicked and I rushed to the hospital to check my condition. As I was sitting there totally alarming my family, out of the blue, I could feel the movement. That moment I decided its time for me see my baby. After two days, it was a C-section and I thoroughly enjoyed it.




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