Call Her Old School

Stands she out of the crowd,

With culturally outmoded thoughts and morals.

Moves so posh in a modern attire,

And loves the way they steal a look.

Some try to peek a bit of her,

Thinking to take a ride of her.

Its a pity they see heaven and hell at a time,

Outlandish is her way with them.

So bizarre they take no chance,

Second time they get the worst.

Pretty straight is she for the closest,

Rude and mean is she for others.

Has no regret for her way,

Peaceful is she as she is.

Dreams to reach out to the sky,

And minds no one on her path.

Out dated is her formula,

Yet works fine and good for her.

Some may like and some may not,

Yet she moves on the same road.

Road she took a different one,

Loves and cherishes her beautiful path.

Not so simple, not so average,

But an unique fashionista.

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