Fondly Remembering My Granny

Couldn’t make it to her funeral,

That kept pricking my conscience for long.

Was a woman of substance with grit,

She will always be my role model.

I often see her in me,

For it might be in the DNA.

Proud to have known such a woman,

Who raised five children all alone.

When grandpa was away in the field,

Very well she managed the house and children.

A teacher was she with great morals,

Taught me how to live with self esteem.

I used to look up on her will to stand strong,

For she was the rare among the rarest.

Lost her a decade ago, still remember her last words,

That her pain was too much and may not withstand so long.

I don’t remember anyone so close to her heart,

With her had a great time of wisdom.

Wise and capable was she,

Who passed on her morals to me.

I recollect how we jelled at times,

Will remain in my memory forever.

Daily Prompt: Ceremony