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On That Hot Day

People were hurrying on their way,

As the sun was scorching hot.

Went to buy some vegetables for the week,

In a small shop amidst a busy place.

My mind was preoccupied with the sun, sweat and the crowd,

But distracted by a non-stop cry fading away now and then.

My eyes and ears were alert to find the way,

Was like ages, till I went for it.

My heart felt heavy seeing the tiny one,

That had fallen into a ditch while others never cared.

Would have rescued and gone my way,

For a second, could do nothing but stare at the kittten.

As I placed her on the road,

Limped she with her broken leg.

In circles, rubbing herself against my legs,

Was so skinny and crying for milk.

Had to decide then and there,

As I already had a dog waiting at home.

Thought nothing but got an extra bag,

And rode her with me home, sweet home!

Still I fondly remember her,

Because she made me stand apart.

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