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Damn My High Heels, What a Throwback!

Ear phones plugged, as I walked fast on the pavement to home,

In a fraction of seconds, my lovely heels took my breath away.

As I fell on my knees, my world tumbling in front of everyone,

Like a spring I stood up, dusted my pants and walked chin up.

Was not ashamed but way back in school,

Was embarrassed as I fell on the ground carrying a heavy school bag.

In front of my classmates, that too boys!

Din’t even look around to see who was hanging around.

That night, I feared those monkeys might laugh wild,

And humiliate me the next day.

But I acted cool as if somebody else fell down,

Bravo for my courage and acting skills.

What a wonderful throwback,

That put a smile on my face.

Daily Prompts: Retrospective