Be bold to stand out

Stand out so you are mysterious,
But be sure to be yourself.

Never whisper any secret,
For they need to be buried forever.

To be unique, may have to walk on fire,
But you will make it if you hold no fear.

May have to walk all alone,
But good thoughts will always be with you.

Sharpen your claws often,
As you may see monsters on the way.

Monsters are none but little puppets,
That may threaten you to freeze on the way.

Hold tight to the good thoughts,
And the puppets will remain the same.

Take the straight road,
But not the shortcut route.

Straight roads are often tedious,
But will lead you to the right destination.

The weakest will throw stones at you,
But a strong one like you must care for none.

When you shine in the sky,
You may see the stones below.

Stones are reminders of the lessons learnt,
So just keep in mind to boost your ego.

Kavitha Patchamalai



Life is like a rose

red rose on brown wooden surfaceIs simple, yet lives to the fullest,
No wonder is  a symbol of love.
The petals so soft with velvety texture,
Gives out the most intoxicating fragrance.
The thorns don’t stop us reaching out to it,
If it pricks, we reach again for it.
Life is like a rose that is beautiful,
Yet it has ups and downs to meet.
Once failed, never stop trying,
For we have one life to live.
Some live long and some not,
You must learn to cherish each and every day.
Life is not a bed of roses, they say,
For I would say the opposite.
Swim with the tide and you know the Sea,
For the Sea becomes the teacher.
Till you jump into the Sea,
You never know your strength to swim.
As you swim, dolphins will be with you,
And you will never be alone in the big Sea.

Kavitha Patchamalai


It may stay only for a while

Came to me humble and silent,
And I gave a loving glance.
Sighing loudly, I smiled at it,
As It may stay only for a while.
Precious is it to my eyes,
For it lifts me high with joy.
I love it when it comes to me,
But I let go of and wait again.
It’s a pain killer better than any pill,
Has the capacity to wake the dead.
As the responsibilities pile up,
I start counting the days now and then.
I can see it but not touch,
As it has to be given away.
So I waited for whole ten minutes,
And started to pay my bills.

Kavitha Patchamalai


The knight in the woods

As the music filled the room,
The knight took her to the dancing floor.

Soft was the music quite contrast to the stormy night,
That made her dance slowly to the tunes.

She recollected seen him ages back,
When he came riding into the woods.

With a basket in hand, was picking the mushrooms,
Heard the horse hoofs in distance.

Startled by some intruder, collected her frills to flee away,
As that sight amused him, put a smile on his face.

Then he saw her in a party, didn’t wait to nod at her,
A modest woman was she as she dismissed him and walked away.

On the way, the chariot wheels gave away,
For she with her mama and papa stood in distress.

Then came the knight to fix the wheels,
For her parents happened to know him well.

As he mounted the horse to bid adieu,
She bowed and thanked him with a smile.

From that moment, he stayed in her mind,
That took her breath away each time.

To end her misery, he came home,
And asked her to marry him.

He confessed that she stayed in her mind,
And bewitched him as his world stood still.

With a secret smile, she danced on the floor,
As a wife and mother of his children.

Kavitha Patchamalai



let’s not wait!

I was disturbed, depressed and blank,

For I had no clue where to treat him.

Saw a few who could do nothing,

And I reluctantly pinged my friend.

Angel is she who guided me,

For I was totally lost.

Took my father who was too weak,

With his medical records with some hope.

Read through the records silently,

And he said, “let’s not wait.”

Burst out loudly out of control,

But he assured it cannot cured but can be controlled.

Trust is the feeling I got at first sight,

For he was too humble for his godly deeds.

Has healing hands and a humble heart,

Practices medicine with so much care.

Lifts the dying and makes them walk,

And I see him as a son of God.

Dedicate this to Dr. Varadarajan, Haematologist

It’s a freedom song by a caged bird

The golden cage was open,
Yet she stayed inside the cage.
Her wings were light and she could have seen the sky,
But something stopped her.
Thought she was mad to have missed the chance,
But may be next time, she grinned.
Out the cage she flew and saw the blue sky,
Took off with such power, she flew up and high.
Down she saw green everywhere and then sat on a tree,
Saw flowers and fruits in abundance outside.
Out of the blue, she started singing,
A song of freedom, that she freed herself.
If she can’t help herself, who will then,
As everyone has their own agenda.
She sang continuously till she was happily tired,
And was expecting a new start when the sun rises.
Planned to start a new day and enjoy her life to the fullest,
For life is unpredictable and time is too precious.

Kavitha Patchamalai