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The Sneaky Watchman!

Caught him off guard, yikes, those watchful eyes!
Uncomfortable, funny and pathetic.

Monitoring me all day long,
Each and every activity I do.

Those passive aggressive looks,
Oh! I just found the truth.

Watchman is he, an unpaid one,
Glancing, peeping, watching and listening.

Young chap is he but a real dumb one,
Idle is his mind, so the devil shortlisted him.

Whispering in his ears, evil and rotten ideas,
That would really make him the dumbest.

I often smile at his assumption and delusion,
But watch him play the foul game.

Poor guy is he who will look back at his childishness,
Where ego is his devil in disguise.

Wicked is his thoughts who can’t win all alone,
So forms a dumb group to hit a single soul.

Single is the soul yet so truthful and sincere,
Who silently wishes that this too shall pass like a cloud.

For she is a woman of great substance,
Will wait for the wind to blow her side.

Like the one in the rough sea all alone,
Lost and waiting for the wind to change direction.

Once the tide is not that rough,
Happily, she may set the sail.

Daily Prompt : Assumption