Please Don’t Open the Door

Was a traveler not by choice but by destiny,

Most of the time by train or car.

Was dead tired, sighed with relief,

As he settled on his reserved seat.

All in mid-forties chatting loudly,

Fondly making fun of others and enjoying the trip.

Okay! let me calm down, he thought,

Head phones plugged, started watching a movie.

Now and then he got a glimpse of the scene,

Laughing, poking, gossiping,

And he wondered when they would ever settle down.

Out of sheer tiredness, he slowly fell asleep,

And woke up at the alarm sound.

As he picked his big travel bag half asleep to the toilet,

There came a female cry ‘please don’t open the door’.

It took him a couple of seconds to come back to this world,

And his impulse was to shoot into the opposite toilet.

Till the train reached the station,

He stayed put inside.

One hell of an incident was that,

To check twice before he would go for it.

When shared the incident with his mother and sister,

They burst into laughter and mocked him endlessly.