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Life, a Battle Field

Cutie pie stepped into the school,
For he is all grown to be schooled.
Stood so tall out of the crowd,
But our hearts were too heavy to handle.
Calm was he with the other kids,
But our hearts felt so weak and funny.
There came the call from the school,
That he started crying for us.
Quick we reached to see him sob,
Took him with us as if lost and found.
Looked like a candy to me,
For he is the apple to his father’s eyes.
Poor is the heart that beats for him,
I wonder how to cope up with the rest.
The world is too wicked to handle,
As it is corrupted to the core.
Soft is he like a flower on the road,
As the road may not be smooth and even.
Now I know the purpose of life,
Is to prepare him for the life battle.