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Signs to Quit the Job

The world class office and the new people around you will amaze you at first and as the days go by, you start seeing the real picture. The days may become extremely gloomy and painful. So its time to quit if you have the possible signs:

Days will move slowly

No matter how much you motivate yourself and take up projects to keep you engaged, your days will move too slowly. You may want to run from office to home as soon as you complete your tasks.

Sundays will be too short

Friday would be like just a few hours back, but it would be Sunday. You will start hating Mondays and welcoming Fridays.

Too much of negativity in you

Your family and friends would get sick and tired of your melancholic talks and would ask you to find another job and stop moaning.

No promotion or salary hike

Most of the folks switch companies if the manager or the management does not recognize their work and are not satisfied with the monetary benefits.

Unhappy days

If you are not happy because of your job, better update your resume’ and find a new job.