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How to work with a stubborn team?

It’s not that tough if you keep yourself updated and know the skills to complete the task at a bottle neck situation when the team members desert you just to pull you down.
Lazy member
You may have a member who is too lazy to work smart. This person will have a checklist of endless excuses. Blames on the tools and other resources to hide his or her inability.
The spectator
This person may have nothing to work but watch the team members and escalate rubbish updates.
The crocodile
This crocodile person will be a happy friendly person who is just the opposite.
The peace maker
This person is a cat on the wall who is aiming your seat. Of all the members, this one is too dangerous but will be helpful to pass messages.
Knowledge is power. Keep yourself updated and thus you can shine in darkness.

Kavitha Patchamalai