Kisses don’t define love

Not the one who passionately kisses you,
But the one who stays with you.
In worst, broken times when you stand alone,
There comes a hand to hold and shout for you.
The rage with which he spits fire,
To the one that tries to hurt you.
Verbal is the support yet gives you strength to fight back,
And sigh with joy that someone is there.
Once I thought lust defines love,
But a simple nod at dark times does it.
So I run home to feel the love,
With the real people who wish I come home.
Simple living gives a pleasure,
That will stay forever and ever.
Purse and wallet will be there,
But will be useless if there is none to share.
A pet lover will have a big heart to love,
For there lies the soft and true heart.
Love is nothing but a joy,
That reminds you are not alone.

Kavitha Patchamalai