City life is suffocating

As I looked around, the vast land was covered with green,
And had a fresh look with no blemish.
Birds chirping and cattle’s’ bell sound soothed my ears,
Calmed my mind and felt so peaceful.
The air was moist and cool,
As I took a deep breath to smell the land.
Peaceful was the feeling I would say,
To live with nature and wild.
To hell with the city lights and busy life,
That the days are numbered with poor life style.
That village may not fill your purse,
But will help regain back the lost health.
Saw happy people with no big purse,
Who sat under an old tree that stood so tall.
Like a prosthetic hand, I carry my laptop everywhere,
As I remembered karoshi, I deeply regret.
Should stop this madness,
And live my life atleast now.
Life is too short I guess,
For I see people live with no peace.

Kavitha Patchamalai