The knight in the woods

As the music filled the room,
The knight took her to the dancing floor.

Soft was the music quite contrast to the stormy night,
That made her dance slowly to the tunes.

She recollected seen him ages back,
When he came riding into the woods.

With a basket in hand, was picking the mushrooms,
Heard the horse hoofs in distance.

Startled by some intruder, collected her frills to flee away,
As that sight amused him, put a smile on his face.

Then he saw her in a party, didn’t wait to nod at her,
A modest woman was she as she dismissed him and walked away.

On the way, the chariot wheels gave away,
For she with her mama and papa stood in distress.

Then came the knight to fix the wheels,
For her parents happened to know him well.

As he mounted the horse to bid adieu,
She bowed and thanked him with a smile.

From that moment, he stayed in her mind,
That took her breath away each time.

To end her misery, he came home,
And asked her to marry him.

He confessed that she stayed in her mind,
And bewitched him as his world stood still.

With a secret smile, she danced on the floor,
As a wife and mother of his children.

Kavitha Patchamalai