Life is like a rose

red rose on brown wooden surfaceIs simple, yet lives to the fullest,
No wonder is  a symbol of love.
The petals so soft with velvety texture,
Gives out the most intoxicating fragrance.
The thorns don’t stop us reaching out to it,
If it pricks, we reach again for it.
Life is like a rose that is beautiful,
Yet it has ups and downs to meet.
Once failed, never stop trying,
For we have one life to live.
Some live long and some not,
You must learn to cherish each and every day.
Life is not a bed of roses, they say,
For I would say the opposite.
Swim with the tide and you know the Sea,
For the Sea becomes the teacher.
Till you jump into the Sea,
You never know your strength to swim.
As you swim, dolphins will be with you,
And you will never be alone in the big Sea.

Kavitha Patchamalai