Be bold to stand out

Stand out so you are mysterious,
But be sure to be yourself.

Never whisper any secret,
For they need to be buried forever.

To be unique, may have to walk on fire,
But you will make it if you hold no fear.

May have to walk all alone,
But good thoughts will always be with you.

Sharpen your claws often,
As you may see monsters on the way.

Monsters are none but little puppets,
That may threaten you to freeze on the way.

Hold tight to the good thoughts,
And the puppets will remain the same.

Take the straight road,
But not the shortcut route.

Straight roads are often tedious,
But will lead you to the right destination.

The weakest will throw stones at you,
But a strong one like you must care for none.

When you shine in the sky,
You may see the stones below.

Stones are reminders of the lessons learnt,
So just keep in mind to boost your ego.

Kavitha Patchamalai