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Out of my cocoon

Feel so fresh and born again,
As I came out of my cocoon;
My dormant period, a learning phase,
Helped me scheming and dreaming.

As I spread my wings to fly,
Saw a beautiful flower filled with nectar,
Did I know that I would find you?
For you are so sweet and pure.

I saw some just like me,
But in assorted colors, searching for flowers,
Amazed at their patterns, not so similar,
That would distract any one on earth.

I kept flying from one flower to the other,
As each one had a unique fragrance,
To quench my thirst, had to move fast,
For the others may take their chance.

Never knew my strength and beauty,
Till I flew high and had a glimpse on a glass window,
Saw a pair of eyes with bliss and joy,
As I flew away , they continued to watch.

Kavitha Patchamalai