It’s a new world

Out of the confined corporate world,

The air seems so fresh as I walk on the terrace,

I hear birds chirping, cuckoo singing,

As the golden ball in the sky rises up.

It is divine to feel the cool breeze,

Breath the fresh air that is so clean,

With no smoke, I see green around me,

And a quiet neighbourhood with no fuss.

Most of the folks are still in bed,

As they are not in a hurry to catch a train,

Or have a quick breakfast with no nutrition,

I see a calm, noise free environment.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Both stood standstill

She threw stones at him,

He polished them into gems.

Looked down upon him,

He took it to upgrade himself.

Ignored him to taunt him,

He took it as a positive sign.

Dressed casually to discourage him,

He complemented on her style.

Eyes searched for him in the crowd,

Where he stood in a corner like no one.

Realised his presence in the crowd,

And looked at him as he didn’t budge.

Both stood standstill for a few seconds,

And smiled at each other with their eyes

Kavitha Patchamalai

The Witty One!

No looks or money can make one appealing,

But the witty mind will conquer mine,

With humorous and sensible character,

That delights the similar me!

The one that brings out my nasty laughter,

Triggering me talk nonsense with no self dignity,

Is the one that I consider close to my heart,

As same minds think alike even if it’s silly.

The witty one is the most trustworthy,

And long lasting buddy who will standby,

At hard times with no second thought,

As a buddy in need is an angel in disguise.

Kavitha Patchamalai

I Feel High

I feel high as the strings take over me,

And can feel as it travels in my blood stream,

Touching my heart, reverberating in my ears,

As I close my eyes surrendering to the music.

Beautiful is the feeling that takes me to a world,

Devoid of noise and puts my brain to deep sleep,

Softening the me in me, asking for more music,

An addiction that is too strong in my nerves.

Time flies as I stay put in one place,

All ears for the music as it slowly kills my time,

With its power that can keep me cool,

And free from the mundane routine.

Kavitha Patchamalai

The Swing

No therapy can heal my mood swings,

As the swing calms my mind like the breeze,

That hits my face blowing my strands in air,

Freeing my thoughts tied strong to my mind.

I sway back and forth at ease staring at the clouds,

That is so messed moving with the wind,

As my thoughts goes wavery and uncontrolled,

With no particular goal for the day!

As I grip the swing so tight that took me far,

Into a state of calmness, blank is the mind,

As all I can feel is the swaying motion,

That can control a tramautized one.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Her painful toes!

She willingly danced to their tunes,

Was so happy to see them happy,

But asked herself why she never danced,

To the tunes she loved and be a happy one.

Doesn’t she deserve to be happy?

Playing the music that is soothing,

And keeps her dance tirelessly,

Forgetting her painful toes.

Its a thin line between being happy,

And making others happy!

In the run, its better to balance between two,

To keep her soul happy.

Kavitha Patchamalai