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You are gifted if you can,

Live with no fear of the haters.

You are blessed if you have the guts,

To stand strong against the evil.

You are a fighter if you are able to fight,

And stand alone to live your life.

You have a good soul if you give,

And take back nothing from the needy.

You are a lover if you love unconditionally,

And keep your near and dear happy.

You deserve to be loved if you win or loose,

But a good human who cares for your people.

Kavitha Patchamalai

WordPress, a secured platform! 

You may wonder if WordPress is a secured platform for your website. It is indeed a secured platform if you follow the WordPress security best practices. It is a globally popular Content Management System with a dedicated IT support team working on security patches as and when the users raise any valid complaint. It is your responsibility to update WordPress to harden your website security. When using the third party plugins, themes, and other supporting applications, you must ensure if it is reliable or not.

WordPress Project team ensures to help you fix the bugs that affect the core, else asks you to uninstall the corrupted applications. This team takes the responsibility of reaching out to the developers who submit a theme or a plugin with security issues to WordPress and ensures they follow the best practices to avoid security vulnerabilities.

It is clear, as a WordPress user, you also have to shoulder the responsibility of wisely choosing the supporting applications and following the best practices.

Kavitha Patchamalai

I Slowly Melted

As he searched for me in darkness,

I waited till he reached out to me,

He lit me and I brightened like a wild fire,

Bringing light to the darkness.

I beamed high and danced to the wind,

With slow moves that of a ballet,

That kindled more fire in me,

As I slowly melted infront of him.

Golden red is my color,

Beautiful is my shape and moves,

That would take anyone to deep thoughts,

Of something that doesn’t exist.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Fake 007

Sat in the next row in office,

Giving fair details about me to him,

What I talk over phone, to my friends,

About my family and my simple life.

It was of no use to him,

But collected details to strip me oneday,

As he watched me closely everyday!

The informer acted like a good one.

Passed messages as he is a dumb one,

I call it a survival trick,

For he is a mean coward and a mere informer,

Who is nothing but a puppet in his hands.

Kavitha Patchamalai


I sang a song aloud,

Necks turned towards me,

With so much hatred,

That I took a step back.

Was it my voice or my strength,

That put me in the limelight,

As all the ravens kept an eye on me,

And pushed me from the top.

I tried to sing a sweet song,

But all pecked my head,

And pulled my feathers in unison,

Wounded I picked myself!

Gave a pat on my shoulders,

To fly away and sing aloud,

Far from the heartless raven,

Who found that I am a quail.

Kavitha Patchamalai