Our Beautiful Betta

We put our Betta in a small glass bowl,
And wondered its beauty as it was colorful,
A candy to our eyes, was the precious fish,
As we were just kids!

We wake up to see the beautiful creature,
With its colorful tail swimming aimlessly,
And we thought to give him a friend,
Introduced another and went to school.

Came back to see the beautiful fish,
Strip the other fish off its tail,
Our jaws dropped, shrieking for help,
As the beauty changed into a beast!

Kavitha Patchamalai

The Clock

Time flies as I see people grow old,
And some are not around to say hello,
Is time really precious or destructive?
For it wipes away life without any clue.

Oh, that’s why its precious,
Reminding us to utilize with purpose,
And not neglect oneself of any desire,
As it just moves on and on with no stop.

Give yourself a moment to think,
To live your life to the fullest,
And give priority to yourself first,
For it is not a sin to live your life!

Kavitha Patchamalai


You got to believe if you see and hear,
For one can twist your mind with foul talks,
As there are many in this world,
Who succeed just by sowing seeds of lies.

Stop believing but search for the truth,
That may be novel when you discover,
And you may be late as time is precious,
And the hour would have passed.

Give no way to the slimy liars,
Who fail if they are true to the world,
So they lie just to live on this earth,
And then they reap for the sowed lies!

Kavitha Patchamalai


Until I took a break from office,
I didn’t know what a bliss is to be lazy,
With no fussy agenda and meetings,
A superficial gathering with no output.

I enjoy busily going to school,
To drop my son at his play school,
A treat to my eyes as I see him play,
And say goodbye with a grim face.

This is life I realized that’s so tough,
Yet worth being a full-time mom,
That strengthens the bond I missed earlier,
But can’t stay at home forever.

I took time to relax and breath slowly,
As I looked at the sun above my head,
My brain said, “run to pick him from school”,
And I rushed to enjoy that moment!

Kavitha Patchamalai