An ornament or a treasure?

You often keep watching me,
Who am I really?
Am I that important?
Often you hide me from others!

And keep in the most secured place,
Am I an ornament or a treasure?
I see the way your eyes glitter,
And your lips smile involuntarily,

Do you love me that much?
But I hate it when you keep me,
In the dark,confining me,
In your brown leather wallet!

Kavitha Patchamalai

Rest and leap

It’s alright to quit if it’s needed,
For there is no hard and fast rule,
When it comes to health and peace,
If ignored will put you down.

Spend your time doing things,
That will regain your lost spirit,
Rest as you have plenty of time,
Give a break running after money.

You can earn as you will be alive,
To arise if you rest when needed,
And kick start fresh with all energy,
A big leap in your life, worth resting!

Kavitha Patchamalai

How to register for the IELTS exam online?

1.Visit the British Council IELTS registration page.

2. Select the available date and your nearest location to appear for the IELTS test.

3. Select Academic if you are a student, else select General Training if you wish to work abroad.

4. Click Find.

5. Select the date and click Apply.

6. Followed by the terms and condition page, complete your details in the Candidate Details page.

7. Check the details in the summary page and pay the fees.

Kavitha Patchamalai