Dresses don’t thrill me as before,
Money doesn’t matter to me,
Parents became second priority,
All I see is him every minute.

His eternal beauty amazes me,
My heart flutters at his smile,
The same is when he is otherwise,
Everything he says is funny to me.

I laugh and laugh at his tantrum,
Oh! am I becoming mad in love,
Let me not become Narcissus,
Who atlast turned into a flower!

Kavitha Patchamalai



When I typed my resignation,
His thoughts filled my mind,
Imagining all ways possible,
To spend my time with him.

Have no regrets at all till now,
As I play, laugh,hug, kiss,
And spend my time loving him,
Compensating the lost days!

Having thrown the money away,
My presence is gold and diamonds,
That can never be bargained,
Precious days filled with love!

Kavitha Patchamalai

Visible Witch

Encountered a witch in white,
Who is carrying a devil inside,
God knows how many roam,
In this world to kill another.

May karma take care of it,
Slimy smile that revolted me,
At times had to act friendly,
But evil is contagious as sin.

Run away from the light,
That gives out dirty smoke,
Which may cloud your eyes,
Run! Run! away from the doom.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Bedtime Stories

Oh I wish I had a recorder,
That reads stories for my son,
I am blank, ran out of stories,
Bluffing cock and bull stories.

I laugh at my pathetic stories,
Poor baby believes them all,
Asking for more the next night,
While I lay miserably exhausted.

Monitors me round the clock,
Repeating my words often,
Can’t hold my mobile for long,
As he warns, I may go blind!

Like a parrot he repeats me,
Rectifies me if I am wrong,
Oh boy! Rules are just for you,
Giggled at my parenting tricks.

Kavitha Patchamalai


Kept hearing kittens scream,
Thought was a normal fight,
But heard a cat went crazy,
Loosing her kittens to a monster.

Saw a hurt kitten on my gate,
Tired with bruises on his back,
Limped his way to me in pain,
Offered him a piece of cake.

Shocked to see his grit to live
A poor little soft creature is he!
He felt very safe in my garage,
As he is not scared anymore!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Kavitha Patchamalai