The Art of Technical Writing in a Nutshell!

Technical writing is a profession that requires strong communication skills to interact with the global audience and expertise to understand the functionalities of the software applications. It is not mandatory for the technical writer to have a deep knowledge of coding or technical language, but produce documents for the intended audience in a clear and concise manner. 

I recollect one of my HR friends saying, I can replace a technical writer within a week, unlike the other technical resources.” On the contrary, we only have a limited number of skilled technical writers who have the ability to create quality documents that are shipped with the product. Though editing is a part and parcel of the technical writing job, editors are hired for cleaning up the documents.     

Effective technical writing involves creating meaningful content, applying minimalism to some extent, that helps the readers to comprehend quickly. With the advanced authoring and publishing tools, it’s no big deal to create useful documentation devoid of redundant content as one can easily map relevant data. The technical writer must be a Grammar Nazi to succeed in the field of technical writing.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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