Tears rolled down

How’s everything dear?
She said,” He passed away”.
I felt suffocated and a pain,
Struck my cord so sharp.

Saw him healthy a year back,
Took me an hour to shed tears,
As I felt sorry for my friend,
My dear most one, a clean soul!

Love her for just being unique,
And respect her for her dedication,
That kept her stay put till the end,
As he counted his days in pain!

Kavitha Patchamalai


He knows his warm shoulders,
To rest and play as he wishes,
The safest place that he loves,
Snuggles his head and falls asleep.

Loves long rides on his bike,
Cheerfully chatting all the way,
Questioning about everything,
His father, his real life hero!

Hates to share him with anyone,
Extremely possessive is he,
His play partner and a friend,
I love the way they love!

Kavitha Patchamalai