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Wings so heavy

My wings, heavy as a rock,
Pushes me down as I lift,
And try to fly alone above,
Below is the deep dark sea.

I turn to see if I got company,
Alas! I find none but darkness,
Hope in eyes and a heavy heart,
Flap my wings that are so wet.

See a dark rock away so far,
My heart flutters in despair,
As my little boy will miss me,
And hopes that I will return!

Those Eyes

Very watchful, yet sad eyes,

Searches for truth in others,

Often blank but laser eyes,

Razor sharp pierces deep.

Impressive are those eyes,

That empathises the fallen,

Tries to lift them with joy,

Yes, those eyes captivates!

Holds tons of wise stories,

Shuts to erase and refresh,

To see the world new again,

With no motive but love !