Tears rolled down

How’s everything dear?
She said,” He passed away”.
I felt suffocated and a pain,
Struck my cord so sharp.

Saw him healthy a year back,
Took me an hour to shed tears,
As I felt sorry for my friend,
My dear most one, a clean soul!

Love her for just being unique,
And respect her for her dedication,
That kept her stay put till the end,
As he counted his days in pain!

Kavitha Patchamalai


He knows his warm shoulders,
To rest and play as he wishes,
The safest place that he loves,
Snuggles his head and falls asleep.

Loves long rides on his bike,
Cheerfully chatting all the way,
Questioning about everything,
His father, his real life hero!

Hates to share him with anyone,
Extremely possessive is he,
His play partner and a friend,
I love the way they love!

Kavitha Patchamalai

Constructive Criticism

One often gets offended with the editor’s comments for improvisation. Either be an editor or a techcomm manager, the goal is to provide clean output that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Construction criticism is mostly considered as mere criticism that leaves the receiver getting offended easily.

It is advisable to learn from ones mistakes and improve their capabilities rather than turning bitter. Moreover it’s the responsibility of the editor to help improve the documentation. There is no way it can be sugarcoated. If the team works in unison, mindful of the constructive criticism and work towards progress, it will be a bliss, else a headache to the Techpub.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Technical documentation conversion projects, often a failure!

The writing style matters the most while converting a doc/pdf document to the Web. Mostly, such projects are published online with a publishing tool that converts the documents into HTML and CHM help files (exact copies). This is the easiest form of conversion but a total disaster in terms of language consistency, voice, style, and formats. The strength of online help lies in information mapping. It’s nothing but creating relevant topics/content that can be linked for easy navigation. This is one of the effective ways to control redundancy. Task-based documentation must be the primary goal while writing for the web. Writers often get carried away focusing on the new publishing tool leaving the content unchanged.

 It is highly recommended for a writer to rewrite the content in such a way that it adheres to the company standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines . During the conversion process, one may get tempted to overlook the standards required for the web as it needs time, patience.

Couch Potato

Could hear the birds chirping,
And the dogs barking loudly,
As I tried to get out of my bed,
Sensed silence inside the house.
Its weekend! Can be lazy,
And enjoy the days in silence,
Thinking about useless things,
Roaming inside the house!
Sitting idle sounds peaceful,
With no car honking in my ears,
Need not pick and drop anyone,
So I closed my eyes to sleep.

Kavitha Patchamalai

The Art of Technical Writing in a Nutshell!

Technical writing is a profession that requires strong communication skills to interact with the global audience and expertise to understand the functionalities of the software applications. It is not mandatory for the technical writer to have a deep knowledge of coding or technical language, but produce documents for the intended audience in a clear and concise manner. 

I recollect one of my HR friends saying, I can replace a technical writer within a week, unlike the other technical resources.” On the contrary, we only have a limited number of skilled technical writers who have the ability to create quality documents that are shipped with the product. Though editing is a part and parcel of the technical writing job, editors are hired for cleaning up the documents.     

Effective technical writing involves creating meaningful content, applying minimalism to some extent, that helps the readers to comprehend quickly. With the advanced authoring and publishing tools, it’s no big deal to create useful documentation devoid of redundant content as one can easily map relevant data. The technical writer must be a Grammar Nazi to succeed in the field of technical writing.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Bloody Mary

She keeps the buffoons next to her,
Plots against the straight minded,
Tries to put them on a strong leash,
If she fails, tricks them believe evil.

Acts to help them out of misery,
But keeps her aides around them,
Works hard behind them, slowly,
Pushing them to the verge of fall.

Selfish is she, cares to rise high,
Inhuman! not a human of course,
As you sow, so you reap is a saying,
That applies to the one that sinned.

Kavitha Patchamalai