Wings so heavy

My wings, heavy as a rock,
Pushes me down as I lift,
And try to fly alone above,
Below is the deep dark sea.

I turn to see if I got company,
Alas! I find none but darkness,
Hope in eyes and a heavy heart,
Flap my wings that are so wet.

See a dark rock away so far,
My heart flutters in despair,
As my little boy will miss me,
And hopes that I will return!

Everyone gave way!

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Truly stunned at the speed,
As It raced on the road, its siren,
Alerting others to give way,
For he lay fragile on a stretcher.

He always was amazed at it,
But sad he had to travel in it,
Because of his low oxygen level,
A life-threatening condition.

His little heart felt so happy,
With all attention, to travel in it,
A wonder vehicle for him,
That he was so fond of.

No more will he wonder,
About the ambulance,
Which is not a real wonder,
But just a very normal vehicle.

Kavitha Patchamalai