Ignore or ditch

Love not the irresponsible,

As they have no conscience,

Turn into a monster to defend,

A lifetime torture you can’t escape.

No use grieving about yourself,

The solution is to ignore or ditch,

As there is one life and its precious,

Waste not for the stone hearted liars!

Think wise to end the loveless life,

Engaging in exploring your passion,

To live the life you always desired,

Free from heartbreak and bullying.

Kavitha Patchamalai

When you aren’t loved!

It’s a blunder to live with one,
Who is just a partner, but not the one,
It will kill you day and night,
With deep wounds that remain forever.

They call it a wedlock,
No wonder you are locked forever,
If you don’t find peace and joy,
Break it, else you may lose yourself.

Unwilling partners fake everything,
For they have no choice, doing so,
Die and rot inside as they feel totally miserable,
And die a million deaths.

You are already dead when you aren’t loved,
There’s nothing left when none is there,
All may leave but the one must stay,
Else life will be as void as a shell.

Once you break the shell,
You may feel alive and novel,
It’s just a step that changes everything,
A chance to see the world with a new eye.

Kavitha Patchamalai