If you are alone, find a partner,
For you are wasting your time.

If you don’t have a job, find one,
As you are useless and a burden.

If you are not true to yourself,
Better change, for the world is smart.

If you are a cheat, let go off the evil,
Else you will end up all alone.

If you are mean to the poor, you have a rotten soul,
Beware of karma as it will come for you.

If you are a two-faceted maggot,
You have a fake identity.

If you are unhappy and miserable,
Search where you lost it.

Kavitha Patchamalai


Be prepared

man holding wood cane
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Be prepared for one day you will grow old,
God knows how smooth it’s going to be,
We may or may not be rich,
But ensure to keep your beloved safe.

As you grow old, it’s a bliss,
If you have your family around;
For they are your pillars of support,
Who hold you close in tough times.

It’s a pain to see lonely, elderly folks,
Who have none to lean on!
What they earned might be in the bank,
Alas! that’s not going to be of any use.

Vulnerable are they at that age,
Who crave for love and affection,
If you can’t love them, who else will?
Be prepared for growing old.

Kavitha Patchamalai

It’s a freedom song by a caged bird

The golden cage was open,
Yet she stayed inside the cage.
Her wings were light and she could have seen the sky,
But something stopped her.
Thought she was mad to have missed the chance,
But may be next time, she grinned.
Out the cage she flew and saw the blue sky,
Took off with such power, she flew up and high.
Down she saw green everywhere and then sat on a tree,
Saw flowers and fruits in abundance outside.
Out of the blue, she started singing,
A song of freedom, that she freed herself.
If she can’t help herself, who will then,
As everyone has their own agenda.
She sang continuously till she was happily tired,
And was expecting a new start when the sun rises.
Planned to start a new day and enjoy her life to the fullest,
For life is unpredictable and time is too precious.

Kavitha Patchamalai

City life is suffocating

As I looked around, the vast land was covered with green,
And had a fresh look with no blemish.
Birds chirping and cattle’s’ bell sound soothed my ears,
Calmed my mind and felt so peaceful.
The air was moist and cool,
As I took a deep breath to smell the land.
Peaceful was the feeling I would say,
To live with nature and wild.
To hell with the city lights and busy life,
That the days are numbered with poor life style.
That village may not fill your purse,
But will help regain back the lost health.
Saw happy people with no big purse,
Who sat under an old tree that stood so tall.
Like a prosthetic hand, I carry my laptop everywhere,
As I remembered karoshi, I deeply regret.
Should stop this madness,
And live my life atleast now.
Life is too short I guess,
For I see people live with no peace.

Kavitha Patchamalai

I forgot how to giggle

For anything and everything, we giggled,
As we were in teen age then.
School was like a prison to me,
Where I used to simply stare at the board.
Black board is all I remember now,
That’s where I saw algebra and trigonometry.
After school I never heard them,
But all I can recollect is (a + b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab,
Why in the world is in the curriculum?
For I gained nothing but inferiority complex.
My zoology teacher skipped the reproduction lesson,
Just for that we giggled a lot.
Handsome was the physics teacher,
So, I liked the subject more.
Scared like a rabbit of the chemistry class,
That used to give panic attacks.
Miss those giggles as I can’t now,
For I forgot how to giggle.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Kisses don’t define love

Not the one who passionately kisses you,
But the one who stays with you.
In worst, broken times when you stand alone,
There comes a hand to hold and shout for you.
The rage with which he spits fire,
To the one that tries to hurt you.
Verbal is the support yet gives you strength to fight back,
And sigh with joy that someone is there.
Once I thought lust defines love,
But a simple nod at dark times does it.
So I run home to feel the love,
With the real people who wish I come home.
Simple living gives a pleasure,
That will stay forever and ever.
Purse and wallet will be there,
But will be useless if there is none to share.
A pet lover will have a big heart to love,
For there lies the soft and true heart.
Love is nothing but a joy,
That reminds you are not alone.

Kavitha Patchamalai

How to work with a stubborn team?

It’s not that tough if you keep yourself updated and know the skills to complete the task at a bottle neck situation when the team members desert you just to pull you down.
Lazy member
You may have a member who is too lazy to work smart. This person will have a checklist of endless excuses. Blames on the tools and other resources to hide his or her inability.
The spectator
This person may have nothing to work but watch the team members and escalate rubbish updates.
The crocodile
This crocodile person will be a happy friendly person who is just the opposite.
The peace maker
This person is a cat on the wall who is aiming your seat. Of all the members, this one is too dangerous but will be helpful to pass messages.
Knowledge is power. Keep yourself updated and thus you can shine in darkness.

Kavitha Patchamalai