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The Majestic Doctor

Hundred percent accurate is his diagnosis,
Majestic is his presence, brimming with knowledge,
Assures you with true and positive facts,
And gives you hope for recovery.

Never does he scare you but ensures to give his care,
Instructs his juniors, guides them if wrong,
Giving the perfect treatment for the sick,
Proving his superior knowledge in medicine.

The parents wait to hear his words of hope,
For his words will never change,
Till the end, he is correct in every way,
Respect is all I have for those curing hands!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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The stethoscope

Brainy is the apt word,
For the guy with a stethoscope,
In the ICU, two of his cases are critical,
Figuring out to cure the ill.

Focused and sharp is he,
Brings the sick out of the gorge,
With his expertise and experience,
That amazes me about his dedication.

Has the patients’ history in fingertips,
And executes his plan of action,
As per the protocol, with no fuss at all.
To lift the sick from the death bed.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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let’s not wait!

I was disturbed, depressed and blank,

For I had no clue where to treat him.

Saw a few who could do nothing,

And I reluctantly pinged my friend.

Angel is she who guided me,

For I was totally lost.

Took my father who was too weak,

With his medical records with some hope.

Read through the records silently,

And he said, “let’s not wait.”

Burst out loudly out of control,

But he assured it cannot cured but can be controlled.

Trust is the feeling I got at first sight,

For he was too humble for his godly deeds.

Has healing hands and a humble heart,

Practices medicine with so much care.

Lifts the dying and makes them walk,

And I see him as a son of God.

Dedicate this to Dr. Varadarajan, Haematologist