How to Identify Passive Aggressive People?

Passive aggressive behavior is common in people who lack skills, have no passion towards work and show no interest in self-development.

Delay in work

They try to project any work as a mammoth task and deliberately delay it. If you are not smart enough to know their task, they will easily fool you.

Will object to any change

Change is an enemy for them because it involves dedication, expertise and passion. If that change involves much time aswell, then it would be an impossible task for them.

Work against as a group

If people of same attitude roam in groups that support each other in making a stand point strong, then they are towards a similar personal goal.

Show no remorse

They may feel no guilt in demeaning others to safeguard their image. Will not hesitate to tarnish their target’s reputation.

Passive aggressive people are very dangerous. They create a negative environment with offensive actions aimed at the targeted person.

She Came Out Clean and Famous!

Dedicated is she towards her work;
May look bossy for the lazy and lousy.
Against her, formed a team waving red flags,
But she had no clue of the non- cooperative movement.
Came as a surprise that none wanted her win,
Called her loudly mean and rude.
Too strong was the web against her,
So fast it spread like a wild fire.
Stood she strong against the plot,
With truth and hope in her clean heart.
Not that she wanted to prove herself,
But wanted to break the mad plot.
Sharp and false was the accusation,
A clever weapon to bring her down.
Time was perfect to ditch her out of the game,
Else they might end up answering lots of questions.
They tried passive-aggressiveness to taunt her,
But she never budged for the threats.
The heads were puzzled at the accusation,
And dug deep to find about her.
Not only she came out clean,
But became famous and strong.
Its a pity that they lost the battle,
For she is a competent and sincere worker.
This world is filled with groupism,
And one should learn to prove oneself right.

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