My giggling work partner

Mock each other for everything,
Funny is she who makes my day,
Giggling for the silly jokes,
That keeps us energetic all day long.

Waited for a long time to meet such one,
Who would make me laugh and cheer,
As I found a weird one just like me,
Joyful it is to be partners in silly crimes.

It’s funny to watch others wonder,
Why the hell we laugh texting,
Of nothing but the reality in workplace,
A sweet coated crowd in disguise.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Where to find happiness?

Beautiful feeling is joy,
That lifts your soul high,
Puts your mind at peace,
And gives a glow to your ‘self’.

You sure will have fake friends!
And look so lost and miserable,
In the pursuit of joy in their company,
Return disappointed and sad.

As happiness starts within you,
And at home, you find solace,
In the bosom of your family,
Who,the angels that stand by you.

You are their heart and soul,
And you can never fake a damn thing,
As they know you in and out,
Who share their joy with you.

Kavitha Patchamalai


The Dark Tunnel

Photo by George Becker on

Like a pendulum, it oscillates back and forth,
One is fondness and the other is a mystery,
The key to the mystery is a real mystery.

Venomous and slimy is that key,
That took my time and everything,
Too precious is to lose, that even covers my age.

When I turn back, it looks like a dark tunnel,
But I never needed a torch to walk,
As I know to walk in the dark.

I found a way out to see the light,
But the darkness seems to follow me,
And it can neither be ignored nor accepted.

Kavitha Patchamalai