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The Fighter

I liked her on the first sight,

I knew that she’s a fighter,

Watched her pick herself,

Face the world bold!

Her smile was humble,

Yet was heavy and fragile,

Her eyes never smiled,

A mystery unresolved!

Had she lost someone?

May be but that’s sad,

For a woman so young,

To walk all alone!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Fly alone

None will go till grave with you,

So get used to walk or fly alone,

You may get to know people,

On the way of life journey!

Keep them as pals for the time,

But don’t cling to them for life,

For you may die inside if alone,

But can fly high if you fly alone.

One has the right to ditch you,

Accept it with much courage,

As you have to let them go,

For love must be spontaneous!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Be prepared

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Be prepared for one day you will grow old,
God knows how smooth it’s going to be,
We may or may not be rich,
But ensure to keep your beloved safe.

As you grow old, it’s a bliss,
If you have your family around;
For they are your pillars of support,
Who hold you close in tough times.

It’s a pain to see lonely, elderly folks,
Who have none to lean on!
What they earned might be in the bank,
Alas! that’s not going to be of any use.

Vulnerable are they at that age,
Who crave for love and affection,
If you can’t love them, who else will?
Be prepared for growing old.

Kavitha Patchamalai
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His Skewed Perception of Reality

It has been five years since I lost touch with a guy who went to any extreme to make up stories that were so real to make me sympathize him. There is a common saying “out of sight, out of mind”. Till he resigned and moved to another state, I never once suspected his stories.

He was able to totally convince me and see through his skewed perception of reality. He succeeded in making me totally believe his suffering and loneliness. In reality, he was an alcoholic who needed some one as a sheet anchor and unfortunately it was me who fell for his pathetic stories. What a waste of time!

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In the Woods, I Stood All Alone..

There I stood all alone in the woods,

Far from my hut with no one to hold.

Where I felt my heart heavy and fast,

All alone and no one to talk.

Then I remembered I was already lost,

Not in woods but in the hut.

Alone I thought whom I lost,

And a little hand lifted me out of the pit.