She is strong for her beloved,
Weak for love and affection,
Leaning on him in despair,
Holding on to him in failure!

Absorbing energy from him,
Totally believing him blindly,
Accepting him with no excuse,
Her man! Who leaves her not!

She is his strength and victory,
A prize to be proud of always,
A unique gift forever to protect,
And embrace at difficult times!

Kavitha Patchamalai

Not a lover but a saint!

He who hates not the beloved,
Is not a lover but a saint!
A saint can only be a saint,
For the lover will be a friend.

Love is a mixture of feelings,
Hate is no exception in love,
As you live together as a couple,
You find out the meaning of love.

The emptiness without him,
That brings no happiness,
The urge to be with him always,
And forgetting his stupidity is love!

Kavitha Patchamalai

You annoy me!

A secret lover, who expresses not,
But you indeed are my strength,
That keeps me strong every day,
And strengthens the bond all along.

You give no choice but to love you,
And long for you in your absence,
Though you extremely annoy me,
I forget everything at your sight.

Is this love or something else?
As I know you from my teen age,
You grew from a friend to a partner,
My better half, my childhood crush!

Kavitha Patchamalai

I’m here!

You bring out the devil in me,
And of course the angel in me too,
Am I a combination of both?
Or is it you who must be blamed!

You make me grunt in anger,
Make me laugh at your jokes,
Tickle me when I am playful,
Are you my mood compass?

Love the way you care for me,
Are there for me when in need,
Hold hands if you see my moist eyes,
Pat my shoulders saying, “I’m here!”.

Kavitha Patchamalai


Until I took a break from office,
I didn’t know what a bliss is to be lazy,
With no fussy agenda and meetings,
A superficial gathering with no output.

I enjoy busily going to school,
To drop my son at his play school,
A treat to my eyes as I see him play,
And say goodbye with a grim face.

This is life I realized that’s so tough,
Yet worth being a full-time mom,
That strengthens the bond I missed earlier,
But can’t stay at home forever.

I took time to relax and breath slowly,
As I looked at the sun above my head,
My brain said, “run to pick him from school”,
And I rushed to enjoy that moment!

Kavitha Patchamalai


My eyes shine bright and my lips smile,

At the sight of the one I love,

As it lightens my face automatically,

As the rainbow shows up on a rainy day.

Useless cold wars happen often,

But the shameless reunion is hilarious,

As nothing can change the feelings,

Ending in a sweet harmony.

My eyes behold the love I feel,

Thats undoubtedly too obvious,

As the blue ink on a white shirt,

Or a white moon on a dark night.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Both stood standstill

She threw stones at him,

He polished them into gems.

Looked down upon him,

He took it to upgrade himself.

Ignored him to taunt him,

He took it as a positive sign.

Dressed casually to discourage him,

He complemented on her style.

Eyes searched for him in the crowd,

Where he stood in a corner like no one.

Realised his presence in the crowd,

And looked at him as he didn’t budge.

Both stood standstill for a few seconds,

And smiled at each other with their eyes

Kavitha Patchamalai