I Feel High

I feel high as the strings take over me,

And can feel as it travels in my blood stream,

Touching my heart, reverberating in my ears,

As I close my eyes surrendering to the music.

Beautiful is the feeling that takes me to a world,

Devoid of noise and puts my brain to deep sleep,

Softening the me in me, asking for more music,

An addiction that is too strong in my nerves.

Time flies as I stay put in one place,

All ears for the music as it slowly kills my time,

With its power that can keep me cool,

And free from the mundane routine.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Strings are powerful

A day doesn’t go by without you,
As I close my eyes peacefully,
You soothe my mind,
And spread through my nerves.

You alone have the ability,
To calm my body and soul,
Put my mind to sleep,
Pushing away from reality.

You let me think nothing,
But meditate, slowing my pulse,
Spreading warmth and peace,
As I fall asleep like a baby.

Kavitha Patchamalai