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Fly away

Since a few decades, I see,
A couple not the same but,
Different pair that chirp,
Happily speaking in joy!

I see one guard the nest,
May take turns, never knew,
As both are green and same,
Cute little pair are they!

Calm they dwell in the hole,
Hate any noise or attention,
Hard to capture in my mobile,
As they fly away to snub me!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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He saw a sweet little creature,

Hiding under a bush on the way home,

As he went nearby, wagged it’s tail,

And sniffed him with it’s wet nose.

The red ribbon around it’s neck,

Indicated the pet’s owner as a kid,

The worn out pet was weak,

And hungry that touched his cord.

Went back home to pick a bag,

As it was very dirty and strange,

His eyes searched for it eagerly,

To give a home and save it.

It was there just where he left,

Poor thing was it, an innocent puppy,

Thought of giving him a bath,

But gave a bowl of milk, the elixir for him.

Kavitha Patchamalai