Technical documentation conversion projects, often a failure!

The writing style matters the most while converting a doc/pdf document to the Web. Mostly, such projects are published online with a publishing tool that converts the documents into HTML and CHM help files (exact copies). This is the easiest form of conversion but a total disaster in terms of language consistency, voice, style, and formats. The strength of online help lies in information mapping. It’s nothing but creating relevant topics/content that can be linked for easy navigation. This is one of the effective ways to control redundancy. Task-based documentation must be the primary goal while writing for the web. Writers often get carried away focusing on the new publishing tool leaving the content unchanged.

 It is highly recommended for a writer to rewrite the content in such a way that it adheres to the company standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines . During the conversion process, one may get tempted to overlook the standards required for the web as it needs time, patience.

Buy books online from Amazon website

You can buy a kindle edition, paperback or an audio CD (“book”) online from the Amazon website using the available payment options ( credit card/debit card /cash on delivery ). You are required to create an account for purchasing any product from Amazon.

Buy Books

  1. Visit and create your account if you are a new user. See also Managing Your Account.
  2. Login and search for the book you want to buy, or narrow down your search browsing through the book categories.
  3. From In Stock list, select the book(s) and add to your cart if you want to buy more than one book. You can only select a specific quantity of inventory the online retailers allotted for a buyer.
  4. Click Buy. The Select a payment method screen appears.

Payment Methods

You can pay for the book using the available payment options . You can also use a gift card redeeming the funds to your Amazon account.

  1. Select the credit card number from Your credit cards list.
  2. Click Continue. You can review your orders before finalizing the purchase in Review your order screen. See also Payment Methods and Redeem a Gift Card.

Select a shipping address

You can use the existing address in your account to place the orders or edit the address details in Select a shipping address screen. See also Deliver to Multiple Addresses.  

  1. Select the shipping address.
  2. Click Deliver to this address. The Review your order screen appears. See also Problem with an Order?

Review and place your order

Review the order summary and Click Place your order. You will receive a confirmation message to the registered email address. See also Print an Invoice.

Cancel your order

You can cancel your orders before the initiation of the shipping process. After submitting the cancellation, you will receive a confirmation message to the registered email address.

Kavitha Patchamalai