The village girl

village near mountain
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She looked up at the skyscraper,
With open mouth and wondered,
How is it possible to build such one,
But the crowd panicked her.

Feared of getting lost in that ocean,
With different people mostly attired in black,
“Should be rich”, she thought,
As she moved slowly towards nowhere.

Men and women, busy with their suitcase,
Moved fast somewhere that intrigued her,
Was amazed but not amused,
As she started feeling claustrophobic.

Thought of her village, a beautiful place,
Green everywhere and birds chirping,
Stopped her moving forward,
Stepped back to go back.

Kavitha Patchamalai

The Sheep

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Pathetic are the followers,
Who blindly believe the leader,
Who should be an eye opener,
But is just a blind manipulator!

He may think that he is smart,
But spoils his herd with hopes,
That are false and impossible,
As his path is very shady.

The herd is too stupid,
To follow his shadow,
And fall into a deep pit,
That is too deep to come out.

Kavitha Patchamalai

One Man Army

When your life is miserable,
Temporary is the condition.

When the expected change does not happen,
It may take a while, but don’t get disheartened.

All may be on the other side,
Be proud to stand all alone.

You may be left behind for a reason,
Make use of such situation to prove your power.

It’s you who can determine your strength,
For no one has the right to judge you.

Study your enemies’ motive,
So, their next move will not be a surprise.

Surprise them with your power to stand strong,
As they may expect you to quit.

If you don’t quit, you prove yourself,
That you are a one-man army.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Life, not so cool!

tie businessman pullover man
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Saw him pop a pill to calm his nerves,
As I threw some questions, nothing out of the box,
He turned red and seemed visibly shaken,
Felt him nervous as his tasks were incomplete.

He took another pill which alarmed me,
A warning signal that he was unstable,
His movements were strange,
The fear that surrounded him was strong.

As a human, I had to pacify him,
For he may not do well but is a normal human,
Struggling for an identity that may be difficult,
As too many compete with him.

God knows how many are in the game,
But not every one is smart to win,
The winner is always the best,
A strong willed fighter of course.

Kavitha Patchamalai



Stay away from the sick mind,
That manipulates and tries to stop, scare and destroy you,
As the evil, incompetency spreads like a moss;
Or like a parasite that invades and feeds on you.

Stay close but be far to mask your anger,
For it will drive you nuts,
Let them not know your move,
As they wait to play games with you.

Anxiety is their problem as you have nothing to do,
Wait and watch them fall, as no one escapes karma,
Pathetic is their effort to win you,
As they fail again and again,
Just to see you stand so tall.

Kavitha Patchamalai


Road trip in silence

Cool is the ride on the road at night,
As it is calm and with no big fuss;
So are we who remain silent,
As the wheels take us on a silent ride.

Soft music penetrates and soothes the mind,
That has lots of deep never-ending thoughts,
Silent night ride on the road is therapeutic,
For it puts our mind to deep sleep.

Lights flash throughout the night,
As the other vehicles become our travel partners,
Chasing one another just for fun,
For we stay awake to see the race.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Family bliss

ground group growth hands
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If one is out and else together,
No big smiles but a gloomy look,
As that one too comes in,
Lights burn till midnight.

Mother will be busy in the kitchen,
Where others chill out in front of the television,
As the dog joins us on the sofa,
Wagging its tail for the joke we crack.

We plan for a trip as the clock never stops,
We do execute the plan but not always,
As each choose a different destination,
End up on the sofa giggling all day long.

Kavitha Patchamalai