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It’s a freedom song by a caged bird

The golden cage was open,
Yet she stayed inside the cage.
Her wings were light and she could have seen the sky,
But something stopped her.
Thought she was mad to have missed the chance,
But may be next time, she grinned.
Out the cage she flew and saw the blue sky,
Took off with such power, she flew up and high.
Down she saw green everywhere and then sat on a tree,
Saw flowers and fruits in abundance outside.
Out of the blue, she started singing,
A song of freedom, that she freed herself.
If she can’t help herself, who will then,
As everyone has their own agenda.
She sang continuously till she was happily tired,
And was expecting a new start when the sun rises.
Planned to start a new day and enjoy her life to the fullest,
For life is unpredictable and time is too precious.

Kavitha Patchamalai
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How to work with a stubborn team?

It’s not that tough if you keep yourself updated and know the skills to complete the task at a bottle neck situation when the team members desert you just to pull you down.
Lazy member
You may have a member who is too lazy to work smart. This person will have a checklist of endless excuses. Blames on the tools and other resources to hide his or her inability.
The spectator
This person may have nothing to work but watch the team members and escalate rubbish updates.
The crocodile
This crocodile person will be a happy friendly person who is just the opposite.
The peace maker
This person is a cat on the wall who is aiming your seat. Of all the members, this one is too dangerous but will be helpful to pass messages.
Knowledge is power. Keep yourself updated and thus you can shine in darkness.

Kavitha Patchamalai
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Solo Hunter

In the sky, above the clouds,
That majestic creature, flies so high.
So beautiful and strong that spreads its wings,
And looks down on the creatures on the land.
None can reach that heights,
Far too high to watch its prey.
When all settle down if it rains,
For it flies above the clouds to keep it dry.
Amazing is its strength that preys on goats,
As it is the strongest in air.
Just a bird but so powerful,
Can claw your eye balls out of the socket.
Deadly are those looks,
That steal away poor creatures into the air.

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Road Trip to the Ghost Town

via Photo Challenge: Place in the World

When we visited the Pamban Bridge for the first time, was awestruck with disbelief. As we drove near the bridge, we could see the skyline merged with the sea and far above was nothing but the blue sky. The heavy sea breeze pushed us yet we stood on the road bridge that stood parallel to the Cantilever bridge, enjoying the rough sea.


The road bridge of 2,065 m seemed to be a never-ending bridge that connects the main land and the Rameswaram Island. This island is a humble abode surrounded by abundant nature.


As we moved down the bridge, had a glimpse of these fishing boats on the shore.


It is the end of the coastal line and we literally stepped out of India. Dhanushkodi, once a small town, is now a haunted beach just 29 km from Sri Lanka. We bid adieu after enjoying the sunset.


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Plasma Cell Neoplasm in Disguise of Anemia

Abnormal Plasma Cell

Plasma cell neoplasm that sounds Greek and Latin to a common man is a disease that makes too many plasma cells in blood. This is confused with Anemia which is not so alarming as the former.

The symptoms include:

  • Very pale skin due to insufficient Hemoglobin (≤88 g/dL)
  • Weakness that leads to suffocation or shortness of breath
  • Shoulder, chest pain and heart attack

The normal plasma cells make antibodies to fight disease but the abnormal plasma cells produce an antibody protein, called M protein which does not fight disease. This in turn builds up in the bone marrow, causing the blood to thicken which may affect the kidney and other organs. These abnormal plasma cells may be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer). Mostly, the elderly people suffer from  plasma cell neoplasms. Medical tests that examine the blood, bone marrow, and urine detect the underlying conditions.


The skin condition is the first indication of  blood abnormalities. Once these results confirm the disease, medication alone does not help but intensive care keeps your beloved positive and happy.