George and Mama Pig

He calls himself, “George”,
Piles up all the pillows,
And jumps from the sofa,
Rolling on the floor giggling!

My pulse becomes abnormal,
As I wish to burn the pillows,
But his tantrums warn me,
And keep myself composed!

Granny pig has no patience,
And guts to watch George,
Grandpa pig is horrified,
Yet, keeps an eye on him!

Mommy pig had a long day,
Watching over him play,
Falls asleep before bedtime,
Awakes hearing,”Mom!”.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Silence Is Suspicious!

Never ever underestimated my son,

Leaves no clue of his mischiefs.

Cute and beautiful are his games,

But at times gives me panic attacks.

Through the window I saw some lingeries,

Hanging like colorful flags for display.

Are they yours dear?

Asked my husband in despair.

Why does the laundry smell so different?

Soon found them soaked in vegetable oil.

Most of the toys lay idle in the basket,

Because they don’t serve good for his research.

Busy in the kitchen with watchful eyes,

Just a minute of silence petrified me.

Something is wrong, warned my mind,

Yet continued with my chores.

Into his room I peeped suddenly,

Quick he ran out of the room.

My heart skipped a beat,

For the wall was scribbled with my eyeliner.

Stood there silently staring at the wall,

My eyes brimming with tears.

Daily Prompt: Suddenly