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The Dark Tunnel

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Like a pendulum, it oscillates back and forth,
One is fondness and the other is a mystery,
The key to the mystery is a real mystery.

Venomous and slimy is that key,
That took my time and everything,
Too precious is to lose, that even covers my age.

When I turn back, it looks like a dark tunnel,
But I never needed a torch to walk,
As I know to walk in the dark.

I found a way out to see the light,
But the darkness seems to follow me,
And it can neither be ignored nor accepted.

Kavitha Patchamalai
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It’s a freedom song by a caged bird

The golden cage was open,
Yet she stayed inside the cage.
Her wings were light and she could have seen the sky,
But something stopped her.
Thought she was mad to have missed the chance,
But may be next time, she grinned.
Out the cage she flew and saw the blue sky,
Took off with such power, she flew up and high.
Down she saw green everywhere and then sat on a tree,
Saw flowers and fruits in abundance outside.
Out of the blue, she started singing,
A song of freedom, that she freed herself.
If she can’t help herself, who will then,
As everyone has their own agenda.
She sang continuously till she was happily tired,
And was expecting a new start when the sun rises.
Planned to start a new day and enjoy her life to the fullest,
For life is unpredictable and time is too precious.

Kavitha Patchamalai
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I must apologize to her!

Lay he sick, fragile as a feather,

Guilty thoughts eating his mind.

His eyes were set in a long stare,

Pondering how sick he was.

Gave no respect, confining her with no rights,

Miserable was she, but never once quit.

Turned to his daughter and whispered,

‘I must apologize to her’.

Continued silently with guilty tears,

She saved me once, yet I din’t care.

Was a friend, philosopher and guide,

An angel in disguise for sure.

What a fool to crush her feathers,

Broken was she, yet a great mother!

Daily Prompt: Guilty

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Wait! Is that a song!

As I lazily gazed at the sky,

Was like a canvas with shades of blue and white.

Stood on the terrace gazing at nothing,

Cool was the breeze that ruffled my hair.

The Sun, the Moon and the sky stay same,

Have no clue why I aged so lone.

When I turned back, saw no joy,

Tried to sing but not a line I could.

Giggled and started singing my own song.

That sounded worse than I thought,

So, Again I giggled and hummed the song.

Daily Prompt : Song