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George and Mama Pig

He calls himself, “George”,
Piles up all the pillows,
And jumps from the sofa,
Rolling on the floor giggling!

My pulse becomes abnormal,
As I wish to burn the pillows,
But his tantrums warn me,
And keep myself composed!

Granny pig has no patience,
And guts to watch George,
Grandpa pig is horrified,
Yet, keeps an eye on him!

Mommy pig had a long day,
Watching over him play,
Falls asleep before bedtime,
Awakes hearing,”Mom!”.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Don’t be too good!

Like a faithful dog, don’t wait,

For the one that doesn’t know,

That you are worth much more,

Than the way you are weighed!

Let them get the same bitter taste,

They gave you as sweet memories,

That are nothing but tasteless ashes!

Grieve not for you are all alone,

As you have always been lonely,

Despite the mute, unwilling company,

That made you live in silence forever.

Ignoring you like a silent predator,

Is the weapon used against you,

Fear not to use the same weapon,

To show some sample of cruelty.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Cherish it if found!

Once sweet, turns bitter,
The morale changes in time,
As all have psychic changes,
That may test the conscience!

Give more, yet demands more,
Not the loved ones are saints,
But are mean, as none is Buddha,
As one can live with no love.

If one keeps the mind focused,
Can find the truth of existence,
Has nothing to do with love,
But can cherish it if found!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Inside the Ocean

Irresponsible is he to her,

Hanging out with friends,

Avoiding eye contact, talks,

That will lead to a fight.

A silent maniac is he!

She is an idiot to him,

Of no use but fit to earn,

Fool is she to live with him.

She knows it’s a death trap,

A life lock that has no key,

As he knows where it is,

Inside the deep, blue Ocean!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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The Drunken Clown

A few pegs later, starts his drama,

Weeping and confronting his wife,

Promising heaven and moon,

His true inner self emerges out.

His addiction turns him a clown,

Talking nonsense, often is funny,

Yet childish with the tantrums,

Shouting on the top of his voice.

The next day, I see him, refined,

Of no trace of the clown in him,

Clad in work attire, elegant,

Clean shaven , hurrying to office.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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I wish!

I wish I were a bird with wide wings,

For I can spread them and fly high.

I wish I were a gentleman with wealth,

For I would have made a woman happy.

I wish I go back in time to relive my life,

With much freedom and happiness.

I wish I were a sailor with no goals,

But to see a shore to take a walk.

I wish I were a singer with a voice,

That could sooth a crowd from stress.

I wish I were a painter who is bold,

To paint the reality and sick world.

I wish I were a child with no thoughts,

And fall asleep as I hit the pillow!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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In the crowd

Are you the one in the crowd,

Who is unique from others,

Do you call yourself a unicorn?

You are the one who is unique,

A dare devil who is brave,

And flinch not for the adventure.

Kick the evil out of your circle,

With no regret or sympathy,

As rotten tomatoes are useless.

They deserve to be crushed,

Change not for the world,

As you may fade in the crowd!

Kavitha Patchamalai