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My eyes shine bright and my lips smile,

At the sight of the one I love,

As it lightens my face automatically,

As the rainbow shows up on a rainy day.

Useless cold wars happen often,

But the shameless reunion is hilarious,

As nothing can change the feelings,

Ending in a sweet harmony.

My eyes behold the love I feel,

Thats undoubtedly too obvious,

As the blue ink on a white shirt,

Or a white moon on a dark night.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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The dark sky

Yawning loudly, as I opened my window,
Saw the dark sky ready to drizzle,
It instigated me to sit on my balcony couch,
With a cup of coffee to see the dark clouds.

The dark sky brightened my mind,
And the drizzling calmed my nerves,
With warm feelings to relax,
And stare at the sky with no big plans.

As I inhaled the cool breeze,
Could smell the Earth and flowers,
Is this a way they get a shower?
As I smiled at nature, the provider.

My mind wondered like a sailor,
Who sails in a calm sea in rain,
Looking at the sky that controls his move,
Dreading the sea may become rough.

Kavitha Patchamalai