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He saw a sweet little creature,

Hiding under a bush on the way home,

As he went nearby, wagged it’s tail,

And sniffed him with it’s wet nose.

The red ribbon around it’s neck,

Indicated the pet’s owner as a kid,

The worn out pet was weak,

And hungry that touched his cord.

Went back home to pick a bag,

As it was very dirty and strange,

His eyes searched for it eagerly,

To give a home and save it.

It was there just where he left,

Poor thing was it, an innocent puppy,

Thought of giving him a bath,

But gave a bowl of milk, the elixir for him.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Soulful Tomy!

When we had him in our arms,
Peaceful was the house.

He would lay his head on our lap,
And look into our eyes to take away the stress.

Would greet us with so much joy,
As we were the only family he had got.

Was a beautiful creature that knew only to give,
Unconditional love was what we received.

As he became old and weak,
We were left broken and hurt.

None can replace his love for us,
For he never stopped wagging his tail.

Was a human soul inside him,
As he made us so happy even in pain.

When the day came, it was horrible,
That we promised not to bring one again.

Kavitha Patchamalai
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Tomy’s unconditional love…

Dog lovers probably know the joy of having a dog at home. Tomy was our second dog, a special one that stole our heart and broke the same when he passed away last year. His unconditional love haunts us now and then when we come across other dogs. He lived 13 years with us and made our home happy with his presence.

Those last days put us in deep pain when we had to see his health deteriorate slowy. We miss him and are scared to take another into our house!