Hey stalker, I know you follow me,
In Facebook and other social media,
Read my posts daily and repeatedly,
Respond to my posts with silly posts!

Hope you got something to do,
Instead of stalking me all day long,
You can find what interests you,
And let go off me for heaven’s sake!

Wait! How do I know you stalk me?
Do I keep watching your moves?
Oh, we are sailing on the same boat!
Happy stalking buddy! Adieu.

Kavitha Patchamalai

The Witty One!

No looks or money can make one appealing,

But the witty mind will conquer mine,

With humorous and sensible character,

That delights the similar me!

The one that brings out my nasty laughter,

Triggering me talk nonsense with no self dignity,

Is the one that I consider close to my heart,

As same minds think alike even if it’s silly.

The witty one is the most trustworthy,

And long lasting buddy who will standby,

At hard times with no second thought,

As a buddy in need is an angel in disguise.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Liking the opponent

She tried not to like him,
In fact, she liked him for his ability,
And cool attitude to people;
A rare combination of brain and heart.

It bothered her while he talked,
An uneasiness that made her sad,
Sad for nothing, may be for the lost friendship,
Or the friendship that was just a delusion.

She always excused from meeting him,
But at times had to face him,
That turned out to be the most vulnerable moment,
With no words to speak.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Sorry pal, go to hell!

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Different masks on different faces amuse me,
All take distinct roles and play them smart,
Often the masks slip to reveal the real face,
But I prefer the masked one to the other.

Quite comfortable is to deal with the mask,
That does not involve any emotion,
They play, I play and we play the roles safe,
As we go to office just to work and not to make friends!

Yet I see some take up the role of a friend,
Soon they try to become masters,
But I say, “Sorry pal, go to hell”,
As I never mix business with personal life.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Friends, but not masters

Let friends be friends, not more than that,
As you have a mind to think and decide.
Your mind remains a temple,
Until you let someone in.
Let not they become your masters,
For you may walk their path and get lost.
Stick to your mind and heart,
And give deaf ears to others.
Two faces I see, as one is the mask,
And the other is the real.
Real is sometimes too nasty,
For the mask is better than the real.

Kavitha Patchamalai




Soulful Tomy!

When we had him in our arms,
Peaceful was the house.

He would lay his head on our lap,
And look into our eyes to take away the stress.

Would greet us with so much joy,
As we were the only family he had got.

Was a beautiful creature that knew only to give,
Unconditional love was what we received.

As he became old and weak,
We were left broken and hurt.

None can replace his love for us,
For he never stopped wagging his tail.

Was a human soul inside him,
As he made us so happy even in pain.

When the day came, it was horrible,
That we promised not to bring one again.

Kavitha Patchamalai

I forgot how to giggle

For anything and everything, we giggled,
As we were in teen age then.
School was like a prison to me,
Where I used to simply stare at the board.
Black board is all I remember now,
That’s where I saw algebra and trigonometry.
After school I never heard them,
But all I can recollect is (a + b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab,
Why in the world is in the curriculum?
For I gained nothing but inferiority complex.
My zoology teacher skipped the reproduction lesson,
Just for that we giggled a lot.
Handsome was the physics teacher,
So, I liked the subject more.
Scared like a rabbit of the chemistry class,
That used to give panic attacks.
Miss those giggles as I can’t now,
For I forgot how to giggle.

Kavitha Patchamalai