A Rebellious, Emotional Psychopath!

Do you have a voice at home? Are you happy? If not, you have the right to be happy!

You might be living with a nagging, bickering and rebellious husband who seems to be a perfect person to the society. He might push you around though you seem to have a successful career, good morale and beauty. He may support you in more than one ways, yet takes pleasure in proving you wrong all the times or keeps mum. You are not responsible for the way he is. He is not normal and you are living with an emotional psychopath.

Spends less time with you

A nice guy to the whole world turns out to be a monster to you. He doesn’t enjoy your company and won’t be able to bear you for even a hour. He will have a hobby as an excuse to stay out with friends. Pretends to be the most caring husband yet dies inside to see you suffer.

Argues for no reason

You will be confused as why he does not approve your suggestions. Its not your fault. You may be correct, yet he will prove you wrong. He feels no remorse, guilt or empathy towards your suffering.

Shows passive aggressiveness

He would have carefully watched your moves for years and would have a photographic memory of every intricate details. He maintains passive aggressiveness in most of the situations to hurt your emotions.

Is good at gas lighting

He withholds information, shows lack of understanding, refuses to listen and declines sharing his emotions. With alarming ease, he will manipulate, isolate and gain control over your life.

If you love him, seek medical attention, else cut him out of your life.