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Fly away

Since a few decades, I see,
A couple not the same but,
Different pair that chirp,
Happily speaking in joy!

I see one guard the nest,
May take turns, never knew,
As both are green and same,
Cute little pair are they!

Calm they dwell in the hole,
Hate any noise or attention,
Hard to capture in my mobile,
As they fly away to snub me!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Life, not so cool!

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Saw him pop a pill to calm his nerves,
As I threw some questions, nothing out of the box,
He turned red and seemed visibly shaken,
Felt him nervous as his tasks were incomplete.

He took another pill which alarmed me,
A warning signal that he was unstable,
His movements were strange,
The fear that surrounded him was strong.

As a human, I had to pacify him,
For he may not do well but is a normal human,
Struggling for an identity that may be difficult,
As too many compete with him.

God knows how many are in the game,
But not every one is smart to win,
The winner is always the best,
A strong willed fighter of course.

Kavitha Patchamalai


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Out of my cocoon

Feel so fresh and born again,
As I came out of my cocoon;
My dormant period, a learning phase,
Helped me scheming and dreaming.

As I spread my wings to fly,
Saw a beautiful flower filled with nectar,
Did I know that I would find you?
For you are so sweet and pure.

I saw some just like me,
But in assorted colors, searching for flowers,
Amazed at their patterns, not so similar,
That would distract any one on earth.

I kept flying from one flower to the other,
As each one had a unique fragrance,
To quench my thirst, had to move fast,
For the others may take their chance.

Never knew my strength and beauty,
Till I flew high and had a glimpse on a glass window,
Saw a pair of eyes with bliss and joy,
As I flew away , they continued to watch.

Kavitha Patchamalai


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That secret smile

She wore a secret smile,
As she could read his mind.
Has a soft corner for her,
Yet shook his head.
Like a cool breeze,
Gave him goosebumps.
He thought out of sight,
She would be out of mind.
Damn, when he saw her,
The haunted feeling came back.
Years of separation changed nothing,
For the fondness remained the same.
An impossible crush, total madness,
That left him more miserable than ever.
Cursed her smile that crushed his heart,
And moved out of sight to save that is left.

Kavitha Patchamalai


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Have No Regrets

Until the desire becomes a regret,
It’s a dream that needs a push.
Push with all your strength,
But do not wait for the right time.
Some dream and never step up,
And live with the burning desire helpless.
Expect no one to kindle your dream,
For it’s you who must make a big leap.
Wait for none to climb the ladder,
For you must take it one by one.
One may go up and one may not,
Yet there’s nothing wrong to try.
It’s doesn’t matter if you reach the top,
But it does if you don’t climb.
As you grow old, may have regrets,
That you should have chased your dream.

Kavitha Patchamalai


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It may stay only for a while

Came to me humble and silent,
And I gave a loving glance.
Sighing loudly, I smiled at it,
As It may stay only for a while.
Precious is it to my eyes,
For it lifts me high with joy.
I love it when it comes to me,
But I let go of and wait again.
It’s a pain killer better than any pill,
Has the capacity to wake the dead.
As the responsibilities pile up,
I start counting the days now and then.
I can see it but not touch,
As it has to be given away.
So I waited for whole ten minutes,
And started to pay my bills.

Kavitha Patchamalai


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The knight in the woods

As the music filled the room,
The knight took her to the dancing floor.

Soft was the music quite contrast to the stormy night,
That made her dance slowly to the tunes.

She recollected seen him ages back,
When he came riding into the woods.

With a basket in hand, was picking the mushrooms,
Heard the horse hoofs in distance.

Startled by some intruder, collected her frills to flee away,
As that sight amused him, put a smile on his face.

Then he saw her in a party, didn’t wait to nod at her,
A modest woman was she as she dismissed him and walked away.

On the way, the chariot wheels gave away,
For she with her mama and papa stood in distress.

Then came the knight to fix the wheels,
For her parents happened to know him well.

As he mounted the horse to bid adieu,
She bowed and thanked him with a smile.

From that moment, he stayed in her mind,
That took her breath away each time.

To end her misery, he came home,
And asked her to marry him.

He confessed that she stayed in her mind,
And bewitched him as his world stood still.

With a secret smile, she danced on the floor,
As a wife and mother of his children.

Kavitha Patchamalai